Hydro Ingenieure


New things have a long tradition with us

Over a number of years it has been a part of our self-perception to have an eye on tomorrow’s problems and to develop sustainable problem-solving approaches for tasks to be carried out in the future. Giving advice, planning, implementing and always being at the forefront of technological and scientific developments. This has been the philosophy which has driven us forward over many decades. In this way we have been able to significantly push forward relevant developments in the household water management industry, such as in the area of trace substance elimination, in the optimisation of sewage treatment plants, deammonification or also flood prevention. We have always invested in innovation and that is no doubt why we have been able to consistently take on new challenges using powerful concepts. In the meanwhile, we have concluded a number of highly demanding construction projects with a total volume of more than one billion euros. So, it is only logical that we drive forward unabated using this form of thinking and action. As we have done for decades.

Down-to-earth visions

The future is an ever-present factor in our daily work. Tasks are becoming increasingly more complex, requirements more diverse, sustainability is becoming more important – at times, the only consistent element appears to be change. The ability to take a broader view thus becomes a decisive factor, as does experience with interdisciplinary working processes. A marked ability for communication and team work will also be more than helpful in the future – we regard it already as being of existential importance.

We will continue to discover lively answers to the questions of the future. For instance, we celebrated our 30-year anniversary with renowned speakers from municipal authorities, universities and water associations whose lectures related to one sole question: “With what concepts can the challenges of the future be met?” You see that things with us have largely remained the same.