Hydro Ingenieure


Highest quality in all sections.

The work on complex projects demands an equally complex level of expertise. As an overall planner in the household water management industry and its associated engineering sectors we are constantly confronted with a number of multidisciplinary tasks which range from requirements planning through intensive technical investigations right up to customised training courses for operating staff.

Over a number of years we have therefore been combining in a skilled and reliable manner our varied skills and experience in fixed specialist areas from the preliminary project study stage up to operational support in the pursuit of the deadline and cost objectives of projects. This ensures short decision paths, enables quick action and creates a high level of security for our customers in the advice we provide.

  • Sewage treatment plants I
  • Sewage treatment plants II
  • Sewer water and rainwater
  • Waterways & flood protection
  • Site management, construction site and property surveillance